Changes to Instagram API: What You Need to Know

We want to keep you in the loop, so we are updating this post as things evolve with Facebook and Instagram and new information becomes available.

As of April 4th, Instagram put some API changes into effect that change the way we (and all other partners) access user data. Some of these changes will impact Keyhole functionality.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Your existing content (pre-April 4th) is unaffected by these changes.
  • Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook functionality are unaffected, meaning there are full tracking and social listening capabilities for public posts on these platforms through Keyhole as always.


Instagram Account Tracking

  • Instagram Account Tracking still works for any authenticated account (i.e. any account that you have login credentials for), though you won’t be able to see Follower Insights or Follower Lists for these accounts anymore because they are no longer exposed in their API.
  • Plus: thanks to the incredible efforts of our developers ?, you can now easily ask your clients and influencers to authenticate their accounts through a custom link to gain access to their data.
  • You will have data on the number of post likes for any posts in your authenticated account, as well as data on account growth.
  • Instagram Account tracking is disabled for all accounts that are not authenticated.

This is what your influencers/ clients will see to authenticate their account:

Image: Keyhole Instagram Authentication Customer LInk

This is what you will see:

Keyhole Customers Authenticated Accounts View


Instagram Hashtag Tracking


  • Still collects all posts that use your Hashtag
  • All posts will display the poster’s @username but not their full name, profile picture, or follower data.
  • Reach & impressions will not be calculated for Instagram posts past April 4th due to restrictions on follower data.
  • We are working to see what we can continue to offer through our Instagram influencer page and will update this post with new information. The Posts, Media, Trending Topics and Sentiment pages still work as usual.

Our Stance: We fully support Facebook’s efforts (and Instagram’s by extension) to protect the privacy and security of their users and we want to make sure we help you figure out how to handle these changes in your Instagram strategy.

Our full team is working hard to continue to be the best solution possible for social media tracking and insights moving forward, and we are in ongoing conversation with Instagram to do so.

As always, we are here to help!  If you have questions, please email us at

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