How To Use Keyhole Alerts

Keyhole recently rolled out a new feature called Alerts. It’s a quick and simple tool added to our Keyhole analytics tool that allows you to increase precision while decreasing noise in your marketing. With Alerts, you can track keywords mentioned in all posts across  Twitter and Instagram with filters that allows you to adjust: Frequency of Alerts, Level of Influence, and Volume of Conversation you want to track. Best part – you can connect up to five different email addresses to get these notifications!

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What Social Media Means to 30 Digital Marketers in 3 Words or Less

What does Social Media mean to you? Social Media is a mega-trend, must-do for all marketers and non-marketers around the world, but how it’s perceived and used is different for each person and each brand.

Mustafa Akkoc asked on the Social Media Marketing forum on Linkedin – What is the meaning of Social Media to you in one or two words? Here are the 30 answers that stood out. Which ones are your favorite?

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How to Create an Epic Twitter Hashtag Campaign

With over 79% of marketers in 2014 using promoted tweets as part of their campaign, Twitter hashtag campaigns are no longer a novelty in the marketing world. As demonstrated by hugely successful Twitter hashtag campaigns by NBACharmin, and Amex, Twitter hashtag campaigns can help you reap enormous rewards when done right. But how can you run and optimize a winning Twitter Hashtag campaign? Here is a simple 4-step playbook to help you create amazing hashtag campaigns.

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