The Top 15 Instagram Analytics Tools [+ Metrics that Matter]

Despite launching a built-in tool, many social media marketers don’t want to create business accounts to access Instagram’s analytics platform.

What’s more, the market is filled with alternatives that offer similar capabilities and data points. In many cases, third-party tools offer features that Instagram’s platform doesn’t. This includes the ability to pull data from competitor profiles.

Looking at prices and main features — followed by definitions of metrics that may influence your decision — here’s our list of the top 15 Instagram analytics tools:

1. Keyhole

Keyhole - Top 15 Instagram Analytics Tools

Track data from any public Instagram account, plus metrics surrounding hashtags and keywords, using Keyhole.

To track accounts and generate reports, Keyhole analyzes data such as follower growth and engagement to offer optimization suggestions. For example, it helps boost engagement by telling you the best times to post.

To track hashtags and keywords, the platform collects real-time and historical metrics surrounding your search terms. These include reach, impressions, sentiment, related phrases and activity volume. You can get email reports that summarize these metrics.

Give it a shot:

Price: Starts at $89 USD per month; advanced plans vary

2. AgoraPulse

Use AgoraPulse to publish Instagram posts while tracking engagement and brand awareness analytics.

The tool monitors who shares your content and uses your brand hashtags, notifying you when users do so or mention your profile. It offers community management statistics, such as response rate, to track your reactions to these notifications. Plus, you can monitor all your Instagram accounts through one dashboard. Just use the sidebar to switch between them.

Price: $29 — $199 USD per month

3. Brandwatch

Brandwatch - Top 15 Instagram Analytics Tools

Manage your Instagram account while researching target markets by using Brandwatch.

The platform analyzes markets you own and want to enter. It does so by tracking demographic data such as gender, interests and occupations. With sentiment and real-time alerts delivered when consumers post about your brand, you can quickly react and monitor your reputation. The platform also simplifies community management by filtering spam and duplicate mentions.

Price: Contact Brandwatch to discuss a unique plan

4. Collecto

Manage Instagram accounts while tracking basic analytics by logging onto Collecto.

Not only can you see your engagement rate and follower growth, but the same data for all other Instagrammers on Collecto. For example, you can see which of their posts earn the most likes and comments. Unfortunately, Instagram blocked the popular platform on June 2, 2016. Its developers are researching a workaround.

Price: To be determined once the tool is back online

5. Hootsuite

Try Hootsuite for its account and keyword analytics, which complement the tool’s posting features.

On top of scheduling updates and aggregating content, it tracks engagement numbers and audience data. For example, the tool quantifies sentiment and tracks user location. In a single dashboard, you can see these metrics along with posts that contain terms you’re monitoring. To simplify customer service, you can also flag posts and assign them to team members.

Price: Free; advanced plans vary

6. Iconosquare

Iconosquare - Top 15 Instagram Analytics Tools

Track Instagram hashtags and your account’s audience metrics using Iconosquare.

The dashboard contains analytics for followers gained and lost, as well as your most popular followers. You can also see where they’re located and which users don’t follow you back. The tool’s hashtag metrics include activity volume and influential accounts posting with it. You can choose to get emails that summarize these metrics.

Price: $4.90 — $49.90 USD per month for each Instagram account

7. Instagram Insights

Stick with Instagram Insights — the network’s built-in analytics tool — if you don’t want a third-party platform.

To access it, you must convert to a business profile. You’ll get access to data such as reach, impressions and engagement — metrics that measure your posts’ effectiveness. Instagram Insights also has follower demographic metrics such as age, gender and location. But keep in mind, you can’t access this data from accounts you don’t manage.  

Price: Free


Minter - Top 15 Instagram Analytics Tools

Use to see metrics surrounding your own Instagram accounts.

Like many account-focussed analytics tools, helps users generate engagement by giving optimization tips. For example, it ranks hashtags and posting times based on likelihood to earn likes and comments. The tool also has audience insights, such as follower gender and location. offers a free preview that contains many of these metrics.

Price: $100 — $500 USD per month

9. quintly

Measure your Instagram profiles against competitors with quintly.

It displays engagement metrics from different accounts in graphs, letting you easily compare performance and set benchmarks. For example, you can see how many shares you and a handful of competitors average per post. quintly also automates reporting. You can choose which metrics to include in the reports, setting them to send according to your schedule.

Price: Starts at $129 USD per month; advanced plans vary

10. Rival IQ

Rival IQ - Top 15 Instagram Analytics Tools

Use Rival IQ — another competitive benchmarking tool — to track opposing brands and measure your performance against theirs.

It helps guide your content strategy by determining which competitor posts earn the most likes and comments, identifying which day of the week yields the highest engagement. The tool also records how follower counts change on weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual bases. This lets you link audience changes to events and business cycles.

Price: $199 — $439 USD per month

11. Socialbakers

Try Socialbakers to access a wide dataset, used to calculate unique metrics.

For example, the tool uses a formula to predict how well a content piece will perform. When assessing content performance, it also differentiates between paid and organic stats. This feature lets you see the raw popularity of your posts, determining if your Instagram budget should go to ads or other areas. Like quintly and Rival IQ, Socialbakers includes benchmarking and competitive analysis.

Price: $120 — $480 USD per month

12. Sprout Social

Sprout Social - Top 15 Instagram Analytics Tools

Access Instagram account analytics through Sprout Social.

Connect an account to see how its posts perform and followers change. You can see this information across customizable time periods, and export it into reports. To improve your strategies, the tool tracks optimization data such as how hashtags influence engagement. Sprout Social also lets you create hashtag feeds, helping you track and participate in relevant discussions.

Price: $59 — $500 USD per month

13. squarelovin

Use squarelovin for free if you’re mainly concerned with how your own Instagram accounts perform.

The platform-exclusive tool displays follower growth charts alongside engagement information, including your top posts in terms of likes and comments. squarelovin also makes optimization suggestions based on engagement. It shows the best filters to use, and times and hashtags to post.

Price: Free

14. Synthesio

Synthesio - Top 15 Instagram Analytics Tools

Access Instagram analytics targeted to enterprise-scale agencies and businesses through Synthesio.

The tool tracks data such as sentiment and share of voice for different topics, determining how frequent a brand is mentioned and how well it is perceived. Synthesio also offers activity heat maps and common phrases used with your keywords, painting a clear picture of audience activity. You can customize your dashboard to prioritize certain metrics, too.

Price: Contact Synthesio to discuss a unique plan

15. Unmetric

Analyze your competitors’ Instagram strategies against your own using Unmetric.

As well as engagement and follower growth, the tool quantifies share of voice. It uses this metric to compare your brand’s influence over a topic against opposing companies. Unmetric also emails you Excel and PowerPoint reports depending on the frequency you set. It can provide up to four years of historical data, helping you find out how well past strategies worked for you and your competitors.

Price: Starts at $490 USD; advanced plans vary

Important Instagram Metrics to Measure

Along with price, your decision largely comes down to which metrics you want to measure. You can sort these metrics into three broad groups, with some tools offering data across categories.

Here are basic explanations of some main metrics:

A. Profile Analytics

Profile Analytics - Instagram Metrics That Matter
Follower Growth

Follower Growth: The net rate at which an account’s follower count increases.

Engagement Rate: The sum of likes and comments your posts receive, divided by the total number of posts. This rate is restricted to given time periods.

Optimal Post Time: The ideal time to post, typically based on which hour and day see the highest engagement rate.

Optimal Post Filters: The ideal filters to use, typically based on which ones see the highest engagement rate.

Optimal Hashtags: The ideal hashtags to use when posting, typically based on which ones see the highest engagement rate.

B. Audience Analytics

Top Followers: An account’s most followed and engaging followers.

Follower Age: The age ranges an account’s followers fall into.

Follower Gender: The gender ratio an account’s followers make up.

Follower Interests: The interests — ranging from sports to business — an account’s followers have.

Follower Location: The geographic locations an account’s followers have listed in their profiles. Depending on the tool, tracked locations can range from country- to city-level.

C. Hashtag and Keyword Analytics

Hashtag and Keyword Analytics - Instagram Metrics that Matter
Activity Volume

Activity Volume: The number of posts, over a given time period, made with a tracked hashtag or keyword.

Impressions: The number of times a post is displayed to users. A user can see a post more than once, meaning he or she can be responsible for many impressions.

Reach: The number of unique people who received impressions of a post.

Engagement: The number of likes and comments a post containing a tracked hashtag or keyword has earned.

Top Users: The Instagrammers who generate the highest reach, impression and engagement numbers per post using a tracked hashtag or keyword.

User Demographics: The gender, location, device use and other characteristics of users posting with a tracked hashtag or keyword.

The Final Verdict

Between these 15 analytics tools, there’s almost certainly an option that has the type of metrics you need at a price you can afford.

So, although Instagram’s built-in platform is a top choice, you aren’t limited to it and its inherent restrictions.

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