Influencer Marketing

Track and measure the reach and engagement of your influencers
Take the guesswork out of influencer marketing and easily
measure the impact influencers are making on your brand online.

All your Influencers in One Place

Whether you’re working with one influencer or thousands, you can easily keep track of them on Keyhole.
Manage permissions, accounts, and track their performance all from one place.
Influencers in One Place
Measure Your Influencers Impact

Measure Your Influencers’ Impact

Easily measure and prove the value that your influencers are bringing to your brand and #campaigns. See how many people your sponsored posts are reaching and gain insights into that audience.

Easily Compare Influencers

You can easily compare any influencer accounts that you are tracking on Keyhole, layering them to understand share of voice, comparative sentiment, and who is most engaging.
Compare Against Other Influencers Performance
Easily Find Social Media Influencers

Find New, Relevant Influencers

Every topic, keyword, brand or hashtag you track with Keyhole will show you what the most influential users are in that specific conversation, ranked by most engaging or most followed. The influencers you find are therefore not just popular, they are also highly relevant.

Connect with Influencers From Your Dashboard

Did you find an influencer you’d like to connect with?
You can engage with their content and reach out to them right from your Keyhole dashboard, in two clicks.
Connect with Influencers

#Influencer Marketing Made Beautifully Simple

The Keyhole Keychain

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