Market Research

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter analytics for market research
Make market research easier than ever by tracking online conversations
and getting powerful insights into any subject and the people talking about it.

Understand how the Conversation is Unfolding

Track the pulse of any conversation or current event online. See how people are reacting in real-time and understand the changing tone and sentiment.
Real-time Monitoring
Monitor Key Trends

Predict Trends with Machine Learning

Keyhole’s Machine Learning helps you easily identify what topics are starting to gain momentum in any conversation, and which are losing popularity.
Use ML to help you anticipate upcoming trends, simplify product R&D and easily spot themes in conversations.

Consumer Insights

Track engagement behaviour and identify what customers really want by analyzing trends in their conversations. See high-level data like demographics and location to understand any overarching audience.
Consumer Insights
Related Topics and Keywords

Simplify Product Research & Development

Build the products consumers really want by identifying what they are talking about and asking for over time. Take the guesswork out of product development, and start building a consumer-led product strategy.

Visually Simple, Comprehensive Reports

Make your data-driven research and strategy easy to visualize and results easy to prove. Keyhole reports are customizable, shareable, embeddable and downloadable and can be shared with clients and colleagues in seconds, 24/7.
Visually Simple and Comprehensive Reports

#Market Research Made Beautifully Simple

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